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I Am Strong
Helping Teens Live Healthy and Drug Free

Love, Cassidy partners with school districts and organizations in our communities  to offer a nine-week, skills-based, interactive curriculum for high school students struggling with anxiety, substance use, depression, and other stressful life issues. While exploring a career path for their future. 


We help each student find their potential by unlocking their inner strengths using the Gallup Strength Finders Assessment. It gives their top 5 strengths, showing them how unique they each are. How strong they can become by deep diving into their talents, skills and inner qualities that come naturally to themselves. 


Through exploring a career path, students can visualize and get excited about their life after high school, build confidence and make more positive, informed decisions about the next step in their life. The I Am Strong program is an interactive curriculum for high school students that teaches a formula to determine a career path, addresses practical tools to cope with teen life stressors and an introduction to the arts ~ music, art and theater.



This program helps boost students’ confidence and excitement about their future. ​The 9-week curriculum is designed to help students identify personal stressors and triggers, then provide them with tools to reduce destructive behaviors, like substance abuse.  By developing coping skills, communication skills, and stress reduction techniques, students can better manage their triggers, which enables them to make more positive decisions.  Each 45-minute class consists of a mix of curriculum, videos, and other interactive activities to keep the adolescents engaged, while still focusing on learning. 


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