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Playing Guitar
Playing Guitar

Imagine That

Under Development

Imagine That is a program that Love, Cassidy is currently developing for adolescents with an interest in visual and performing arts.  Mentors, professionals, and volunteers with experience in creative fields will work with the adolescents every week on their chosen creative and/or educational outlet, building on their top strengths. 

The goal is to empower at-risk students to tap into their passions and creativity to enable constructive behaviors, all while teaching and modeling positive life skills such as relationship building, self-esteem, teamwork, self-control, and accountability.  During this program, students are asked to commit to attending classes and/or working with a mentor for six months or longer.

"I'm Strong"

Love, Cassidy partners with school districts in our community to offer an eight-week, skills-based, interactive curriculum for middle and early high school students struggling with anxiety, substance use, depression, and other stressful life issues. 

The curriculum is designed to help students identify personal stressors and triggers, then provide them with tools to reduce destructive behaviors, like substance abuse.  By developing coping skills, communication skills, and stress reduction techniques, students can better manage their triggers, which enables them to make more positive decisions.  Each 45-minute class consists of a mix of curriculum, videos, and other interactive activities to keep the adolescents engaged, while still focusing on learning. In 2016 and 2017, we have successfully completed two full school years, and plan to add this curriculum to 3 to 4 schools in the next year.

In a Meeting
Under Development

The Parent Connection

Parents often feel uninformed and alone in the fight against the teen drug abuse epidemic.  Love, Cassidy partners with community mental health professionals to offer regular group meetings for anyone seeking additional education, resources, and support.  We present a different topic every month related to the stressors of teen life, drug abuse, and how parents can help safely navigate their children through the adolescent years. Topics include things like drugs, alcohol, bullying, suicide, mental health issues, etc. As always, Naloxone is available for parents who ask for it.

The Parent Connection helps parents support their children by providing valuable educational resources, as well as connecting families with trusted professionals and joining parents together in group conversations. We plan to take this group to live via Facebook over the next few months.  We realize that parents are busy with life and their children and making a commitment to attend evening meetings, though valuable, they are not always able to. 

We have found that by taking the meeting to them, attendance goes up, reaching more parents and connecting them with important resources/information they so desperately need. 

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