About Love, Cassidy


The disease of addiction not only affects the individual but also their families and loved ones. Our foundation's goal is to bring attention to this widespread disease through awareness, support, and education.

Who We Are

Love, Cassidy is a foundation dedicated to helping youth and their families in the DFW community who are facing the Disease of Addiction. A dependence on drugs not only harms the addicted person but devastates their family and loved ones. The foundation’s primary goals are to first, bring awareness to the widespread problem of drug addiction and second, to offer the addicted individuals and their loved ones education and support tools to fight this battle of addiction. The foundation’s hope is to end the senseless death and deterioration caused by teenage drug addiction.

What We Do

Love, Cassidy provides both education and recovery support to individuals and loved ones affected by drug addiction. Love, Cassidy, speaks to and educates groups throughout the DFW community about the prevalence and signs of drug addiction. These programs also help loved ones know steps to take to help addicted individuals. Second, through fundraising, Love, Cassidy gathers the financial resources to offer youth who are suffering from drug addiction, support tools including mentoring programs and music and art therapy sessions. With your help, Love, Cassidy will continue to develop recovery therapy tools and help more youth lead purposeful lives without drugs.

Why Love, Cassidy

Cassidy Seward Love, Cassidy was founded in 2012 by Suzanne Mitchell-Seward, Cassidy’s brother Zach and her sister, Samantha, following the death of Cassidy on August 28, 2012. Cassidy was working her way toward recovery and was scheduled to enter a treatment facility the week after her death due to an accidental overdose. The foundation honors Cassidy’s memory and strives to save other youth who are struggling with drug addiction.